FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Are logins and passwords remain unchanged?
YES, both logins and passwords remained unchanged.


2. Does the prices include discounts?
YES, after logging prices include your discounts (in case of errors, doubts, please contact 061 815-00-86).


3. Can I get a discount?
YES, you can ask about the possibility of obtaining discounts, through the registration form, e-mail export@sparta.com.pl or by phone 061 815-00-86).


4. Can I change password and login?
YES, Changing the password is possible - the tab ‘the customer panel’ - My data (middle column under the menu).
Login can't be changed, but you can always use log your e-mail, which can freely change.


5. Will system remembers my orders?
YES, submitted orders are stored by the system and can always be edited.


6. Can I make an offer inquiry?
YES, insted of the shopping backet icon, click the icon of the workbook and add the products which interest you.


7. Can I search for a product according to the specifications?
YES, through the mechanism of search by parameters, you can search for different products according to their size, color, features, etc.

8. Can I add comments to my order?
YES, to each order you can add your own comments, attach files, drawings, etc. - Button on the basket at the end of the order.


9. Can I see enlarged photo of the product?
YES, clicking in photo
 enlarge 650x455 format.


10. Can I search for selected products?
YES, there are many search mechanisms products - click search, advanced search (search by. prices, filters etc. in certain categories).


11. Where can I see which products are in my shopping basket?
Shopping basket content is available by clicking the icon on top right
side of the page.


12. Can I choose a specific manufacturer products?
YES, by selecting the logo at the bottom of the homepage.


13. Can I choose the products as last put up for sale in the store?
YES, button News.


14. Can I choose the most selling products?
YES, button Best.


15. Can I see the products targeted potential for my business?
YES, button Offer for.


16. Are there certifications and technical drawings of products?
YES, you can download pdf files with certificates and technical drawings of products - available by clicking
button "drawing, description" or "certificate" below photo of the product.